~About Red Ribbon Photography~





In 2000 I discovered a love for photography.  Not just one part of photography but all aspects. My personal relationship that I establish with my clients paves the way for an exceptional level of customer service, individually tailored sessions and the peace of mind in knowing that your photographer cares as much about the process of capturing your family’s memories as you do.


My style of photography is casual and un-posed. I believe that the best images are captured when people are being themselves and unaware of the camera.  Looking back across your own personal photographs you might find that the images you enjoy most are those that were taken you were at your most relaxed, unaware that an image was being recorded.  These are the moments I capture, the moments I preserve…you as you really are. When all is said and done, I believe that life is filled with exceptional instances that are to be treasured. I hope you life is one filled with such instances.

Red Ribbon Photography offers a several photographic services.

• Engagements & Weddings

• Graduating Seniors & Model Headshots


Please contact us for more information or a complete price list.



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