Nathan & Lucy ~ Flowering Love

This was my first proposal ever and I’m a little bit addicted now. It was more like shooting a wedding than an engagement session. There were big moments that I didn’t want to miss and it was so emotional and intense!

Nathan’s mom actually reached out to me because he was planning for a really amazing proposal and wanted it documented. You know it’s a significant day when the whole family is involved and they think to call a photographer! His mom was over the moon excited for him and she made it seem like she was only half as excited as he was.
Nathan and Lucille had discussed marriage and a proposal, but she had no idea when or where it was coming. He decided to do it at the Botanic Gardens because she always wanted to go there. As I waited for them to arrive, it started to rain. I was anxious as the storm clouds got darker and the rain came down harder, but just before they arrived, it stopped! It was perfect timing.
Seeing as I’ve never done this before, I was amazed at how hard it was to blend into the crowd so Lucille wouldn’t know what was happening. I thought it was quite funny trying to pretend to casually look at flowers and hide my big old camera at the same time. I was a little relieved (and super excited) when I saw Nathan take a step toward her and grab her hands. I knew this was the moment!
Nathan said: “I love you and I would love to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?” She started at him for about 30 seconds, completely shocked. Then she finally said a loud YES! and they shared the sweetest hug. It was so exhilarating to watch and the adrenaline rush made me realize pretty quickly that I want to do more of these.
Nathan! Thank you so much for trusting me with such a huge moment and for showing me that I want to add proposals to my list of “loves.” Lucille … you’ve got yourself a good man and I wish you two all the happiness!












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~ Amazing Vendors that made the day awesome ~

Location of Proposal:              Denver Botanic Gardens

7 thoughts on “Nathan & Lucy ~ Flowering Love

  1. Awww! They are so sweet. She stopped dead in her tracks for an extended period? That’s like…the dream for photographers. haha


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