Katie & Justin ~ Fast and Furious

Katie and Justin’s romance was fast and furious. Well, the romance part of it, that is. They knew each other for five years before they started dating. But when they did, things moved quickly. Within just short time of dating, they knew they would get married. They even went shopping for rings just one month after their first date.

But even though the proposal was inevitable, Justin still wanted to surprise Katie. She knew he had the ring—she just watched him buy it! She knew they wanted to get married. She knew the proposal was coming. But Justin was sneaky. The very day they bought the ring, he planned to pop the question. They were celebrating finding the ring with champagne. As Katie turned to pour it, Justin got down on one knee and was waiting for her when she turned around.

His surprise worked and she instantly started to cry. Happy tears, of course! They started to plan their wedding right then.

The engagement session with them was also full of surprises! We did it on what seemed like the only day in February that wasn’t 60 degrees. We had freezing cold weather, but they were both troopers! We did the whole session in 10-minute increments, taking breaks inside Katie’s mom’s house to warm up in between each shot. It was the perfect mountain session. We were in Conifer and we had deer walking through the front yard and snow-capped mountains as the backdrop. I even had to get plowed out of the driveway at the end!

I had the best time getting to know Katie and Justin!














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15 thoughts on “Katie & Justin ~ Fast and Furious

  1. Oh my gosh that is too sweet! When you know- you know! 🙂 So happy for this couple- it’s the best feeling in the world to finally figure out who you’re meant to be with. And I can’t believe her mom lives at this location…jelly. 🙂 Great job Mary!!


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