Jennae & Jason ~ Extra Special

This session was so personal for me because it’s my lovely sister-in-law Jennae and her fiancé Jason. There is always something extra special about photographing family. I love that I can instantly fall into a comfortable rhythm with no warm-up or awkward moments. I can tell them when they are making an unnatural face or give them a hard time when they are fake smiling. But I didn’t need to do too much of that—these two are so in love and happy that their session went perfectly.


Jennae and Jason both dated online for a few years and came away disappointed and discouraged. They had separately decided to give it one last chance. And it turned out that it was the right chance! Their first date lasted 6 hours and it went so well they decided to have another one the very next day. For two years, they were inseparable. Everything felt right from the beginning. They meshed so well in each other’s families and it has been a true joy for me to watch their love grow.


They got engaged this fall when Jason surprised Jennae with a last minute getaway to Glenwood Springs. I remember getting the phone call from them, so giddy and excited. The only part of their engagement that may have been more exciting is when they told us they were getting married in Mexico!


I cannot wait to photograph their wedding later this month and continue the celebration of their life together. Congrats you guys! I couldn’t be happier for you!











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6 thoughts on “Jennae & Jason ~ Extra Special

  1. It’s such an honor to photograph family! Beautiful engagement photos, and I can’t wait to see the wedding in Mexico!


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