Joanie & James ~ Grounded in Love

Joanie and James share the kind of love that feels lived-in. It’s safe, cozy, and grounded. They don’t look at each other with hope; they look with confidence and knowledge. It’s as if they don’t have to wonder about the future because they just know one another so well and trust their process as a couple. It makes sense since they met during their freshman year of high school. They have over a decade of history.

Don’t misunderstand my meaning of their comfortable love—theirs is one still full of passion. Unlike most of my couples, they spent the morning together on the day of their wedding. They wanted to have some personal, less chaotic moments with just the two of them before the craziness began. I could tell that it grounded them perfectly for the day, helping them remember that this day was about the rest of their lives together, not just a party.

This was one of my favorites of 2015, for a couple reasons. First, I loved how Joanie and James were able to portray their spunky personalities in their details. I’ve known Joanie for a long time and she has played a big part in my photography journey. Her fun, quirky spirit has always pushed me when I’ve photographed her. This day was no different! I was challenged and humbled to document such a momentous occasion in her life.

I had never photographed at Coors Field before and it was such an amazing first experience. The staff was just outstanding—so helpful and accommodating. They made us feel so welcome in their space and really set the tone for the day. Joanie joked that she didn’t have any vendors because everyone that helped out was a friend. That familiarity made my job so easy and gave the couple a really stress-free wedding.

But again, though everyone was as laid-back as humanly possible, there was a deep richness to the day. James and Joanie looked as if they couldn’t have been more ready to say “yes” to one another and they truly celebrated after the vows. The whole evening felt like a party, even to me, a hired attendee!

For me, this was one of the most epic weddings of the year. Thank you, Joanie and James for inviting all of us into your lived-in love. It was so fun to watch and your care for one another is inspiring. Thank you and congratulations!

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As always epic thanks to my associate photographer Seth of Seth James Photography.

~ Amazing Vendors that made the day awesome ~

Location of Wedding:                             Coors Field Ballpark

Location of Reception:                          Mountain Ranch Club @ Coors Field

Cake Maker:                                             Mandy and Terri Nydegger

DJ:                                                                Andrew Holcombe

Dress Boutique:                                      Blue Bridal Boutique

Caterer:                                                     Aramark (Coor Field)


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7 thoughts on “Joanie & James ~ Grounded in Love

  1. I love what you had to say about their love for one another. The shot of her dress, shoes and her walking out of the tunnel, were amazing!! The bridal party ones just cracked me — looks like so much fun.


  2. I LOVE this! What a great blog post! I love what you wrote and you can really see their unique personalities come through in these photos. I especially love the ones of the wedding party walking onto the field from above. And the shots of the shoes and dress on the field are perfect.


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