My Experience in Front of the Camera


So I decided to put myself out there and be brave and share my experience with two very different types of boudoir photography and why I did it.  I am sharing to hopefully inspire other women to be brave and embrace something new and different.

As a professional photographer it is a very challenging thing to be in front of the camera.  I spend a lot of time behind the camera photographing everyone’s amazing wedding day or helping them celebrate engagements.  I even get the honor of capturing families as they grow and change throughout the years.  So the idea of getting portraits, and not just regular head shots but boudoir images, it was a long process and a little bit of talking myself into it.  Like most women I have my own insecurities.  I have had two children and I am not in my twenties anymore and I am getting older.  But as my wedding anniversary was coming up I thought “Let’s do this thing”.  I decided that I wanted this for myself as much as a gift for my honey.

First, I had the incredible chance to work with Brooke Summer of Brooke Summer Photography.  I love her bright and airy style of photography and her laid back energy.  The full service treatment was remarkable.  I had my hair and makeup done in her studio while sipping on a cocktail and snacking on yummies.  Brooke and I went through clothing choices together, her input was so helpful.  Then we just jumped into shooting.  It was a delightful experience.  I never felt uncomfortable or uneasy.  Brooke and I laughed and joked most of the time.  It was truly unforgettable!

The second time I got to do something out of the ordinary.  In the last month and half I was invited by a fellow photographer to participate in one of Dan Hales – H2OOOh shoots.  Don’s style of photography is very sultry and gritty which is a little different than my session with Brooke.  His H2OOOh sessions are something altogether wild and fun! I got to have my makeup done by a good friend and extremely talented artist Tori of Bronze and Beautiful. This was not a individual session but instead a mini session with a group of 5-10 other women.  It was a blast to have the other ladies to bounce posing ideas off of and help each other choose outfits and cheer each other on during their session.  

Both experiences were diverse and I would do it again in a heartbeat.  Not because I love having my picture taken but because the feeling I left with was worth it.  I felt pampered, lovely and feminine with Brooke and sultry and steamy at the H2OOh shoot. Overall I was stunned by how both photographers captured two very different images of me and to top it all off I have amazing pictures to gift to my husband and images of myself I am proud of at 35 years old.

I am sharing just a couple of my personal favorites from each session to show that if I can put myself out there so can you. Do it for yourself, do it for your significant other or just do it because it’s fun!













Be brave ladies, you got this!!!


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23 thoughts on “My Experience in Front of the Camera

  1. Um, WOW. These are absolutely gorgeous! Good for you for getting in front of the lens … it is so, so hard when you’re used to being in control of the camera! You look amazing and these are just stunning.


  2. I love this post because it is SO HARD for us all to be brave and just go for it! We are all always waiting for “when i’m just a bit skinnier” or whatever our hang ups are. Thank you for writing this!


  3. Girlfriend these are stunning!!! Brooke did a fabulous job and I commend you for getting in front of the lens! I struggle with that and I need to do something like this and overcome my awkwardness. These kick ass and you look amazing. 🙂


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