Sarah & Joseph ~ A Wedding in a Month! WOW

Every couple I meet is so unique. I feel so lucky to get to know so many people and hear their stories and be a part of their big day. Sometimes it just strikes me that even though my couples vary so greatly, they have all chosen me to be their photographer. I think there is meaning in that and I don’t for one second take it for granted.

Joseph and Sarah definitely fit the bill of unique. But in the best way possible. First of all, they planned their wedding in one month! So many people take planning so seriously and dedicate a significant chunk of time to their wedding day. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. But there is something to be said about a couple who gets it done in a month. I guess when you know, you know, right?

There also aren’t many brides who would be thrilled with a ring pop proposal. But that’s exactly how Joseph proposed and it was perfect for them. They were on a hike and he didn’t know the size or style she wanted, so he suckered (pun intended!) her into marrying him by popping the question with a candy ring! I think it’s so sweet that he wanted her to be part of that process of picking a ring too. They did things as a team and I think that’s how they pulled off such a beautiful wedding in such a short time.

They are moving overseas so their wedding had a beautiful travel theme. The attention to detail was so remarkable. All day I kept having to remind myself that they did this with such little time! They are rock star planners and their day reflected who they are as a couple perfectly.

What I loved most wasn’t the decor, the food, her dress, or the location (though all were amazing!). It was that the focus was on them as a couple. They prioritized their marriage over the wedding day and it showed in the way they looked at each other and how they interacted all day. The love they had for each other shined in each and every moment. They even kept remarking about how nothing was going as planned but they couldn’t have cared less. They were marrying their best friend and that was clearly all that mattered.

NEG 003

NEG 004

NEG 015

NEG 012

NEG 019

NEG 021

NEG 022

NEG 029

NEG 026

NEG 038

NEG 043

NEG 056

NEG 057

NEG 062

NEG 063

NEG 065

NEG 098

NEG 111

NEG 114

NEG 127

NEG 131

NEG 134

NEG 135

NEG 143

NEG 165

NEG 172

NEG 173

NEG 174

NEG 177

NEG 185

NEG 188

NEG 196

NEG 200

NEG 204

NEG 228

NEG 232

NEG 241
NEG 242

NEG 245

NEG 247

NEG 248

NEG 249

NEG 269

NEG 271

NEG 275

NEG 277

NEG 281

NEG 282

NEG 285

NEG 287

NEG 289

NEG 291

NEG 304

NEG 305

NEG 308

NEG 310

NEG 316

NEG 322

NEG 325

NEG 457

NEG 460

NEG 397

You guys are going to do incredible things with your life and it was truly a blessing to be able to photograph you as you start this journey. Thank you so much for having me!


~ Amazing Vendors that made the day awesome ~

Location of Wedding/Reception:            The Den at Fox Hollow

Cake Maker:                                               King Soopers




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23 thoughts on “Sarah & Joseph ~ A Wedding in a Month! WOW

  1. Love her bouquet and so many of the bridal portraits! Fabulous! I also love that he proposed with a ring pop. Just shows what kind of girl she is and that she’s light hearted and fun. 🙂

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