Sabrina & Matthew ~ Out of the Ordinary ~ Part 2

Sabrina & Matthew ~ Out of the Ordinary ~ Part 2

Let the fun begin…

Although Sabrina and Matthew exchanged vows in February they wanted to wait for the reception until August.

What a lucky bride to get to wear not just one wedding dress but two.

Sabrina and Matthew chose Denver’s Union Station as the backdrop for some fun pictures and a couple of drinks before dinner.  This wedding party was a blast to photograph; laughing and cracking jokes at every turn and generally goofing around made everyone lighthearted and relaxed.Then everyone headed over to Jake’s Bar and Grill in Denver for dinner, dancing and ice cream.

I loved the fact that in place of cutting a cake they did a unique mixed drink toast.















“Before Matthew and Sabrina met they were both cold and empty and had a salty personality like these two Margarita glasses.  Oh yes there were plenty of times where their glass was filled with another drink that was bitter and poor in taste such as Jagermeister or Mckormicks vodka. This may have seemed like a good idea at the time but left them walking full of shame with a pounding headache the next day. It takes all of the right ingredients to make a great cocktail just as it take the right people to make a great relationship.

Sabrina- Is a fine tequila that adds the fun to a party with her charismatic laugh and energy that gets everyone in the mood for a great evening.

Matthew- Is pretty much all tequila because he doesn’t know when to stop drinking. He also knows how to get everyone in the room the proper party buzz that they deserve.

Sabrina- Also has an orange liquor touch by being sweet and warm. She possesses one of the sweetest and most caring hearts any man could ask for and also has two lovely oranges….

Matthew- Is orange liquor because his hair is orange…. As far as the sweet part…. we will let you make up your own minds on that

Sabrina- Is fresh squeezed lime juice because she has a fresh outlook on life and understands what really is important. Now don’t get me wrong she has her sour moments as well but it is usually caused by Matthew not listening nor ever doing what he is told.

Matthew- Is fresh squeezed lime juice because he can be very sour and bitter. Yes many may speculate that Matthew is all sour lime juice but hey…you need fresh fruits in your diet to be healthy. You also need a sour perspective at times because a lot of people suck and as you all know Matthew… it is important to tell people how you feel…..or just tell them off.

            With all these ingredients combined and shaken up they can no longer be separated as they have become a mixology of chemical composition. Maybe Peter Trask could separate them if he brought his chemistry set. Just like this delicious Margarita cocktail, Sabrina and Matthew have contributed their special and unique ingredients into their marriage and yes there will be moments of the sweetness and moments of sour times but their marriage like this cocktail will never be undone and is a representation of love: remember what we contribute to love is what makes life truly wonderful. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

Bye, Bye for now….

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