Sabrina & Matthew ~ Out of the Ordinary ~ Part 1

Sabrina & Matthew ~ Out of the Ordinary

I was beside myself when I was asked to meet Sabrina and Matthew at Forest Room 5.  An interesting and one-of-a-kind bar and art gallery nestled right in Downtown Denver.  Upon arrival I was surprised with a couple in the most out of the ordinary shirts for an engagement picture session.




NEG-12 NEG-10 NEG-11





A fun and energetic couple they kept me on my toes and laughing the whole time.

The love story started out a little differently than most…

Matthew and Sabrina met in late August of 2008 at Sloan’s Bar and Grill; a mutual friend had invited them both to happy hour. Over the course of the next six months they bumped into each other frequently at random social events.

NEG 21

NEG 20

NEG 12

They shared the same strange sense of humor and would constantly make each other laugh. At Matthew’s birthday party that next April they hit it off and realized there was more to their attraction than just playful banter.

NEG 38


NEG 40NEG 42


NEG 49


NEG 50


NEG 46
Little did they know… five years later, to the date, we would be getting married!

NEG 52


NEG 60


NEG 69


NEG 68


In the spring, on a mild, sunny day in February I met them at Jefferson County Courthouse.  Giggles, snickers and tears later they were married!  Afterwards lots of hugs and family congratulations the newlyweds were off to a brunch to celebrate!

NEG 84


NEG 82


NEG 79


NEG 77


NEG 72

But not before a few more pictures and laughs!

Bye, Bye for now….

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