Nicole & Brian ~ Elegance in Every Celebration

One month after the devastating floods that hit Colorado; October 12th, 2013 was a perfect sunny and dry day for this couple at Fort Collins Country Club.

NEG 641

 Both Nicole and Brian prepared for the big day by doing all the normal thing one does while getting ready to tie the knot.


NEG 30

NEG 154 NEG 13

Check all the details…

NEG 193 NEG 79 NEG 58

Have a little drink…

NEG 137 NEG 118

Get those pre-wedding pictures out of the way…

NEG 274 NEG 245

And my new favorite tradition, the ‘FIRST LOOK’

NEG 291

NEG 297NEG 308 NEG 298

Anxious and excited was time (sure we are…LOL).

NEG 410 NEG 420

Nicole was the picture of elegance and grace walking down the aisle.

NEG 445 NEG 458

My favorite part of the day.

NEG 480 NEG 490 NEG 520 NEG 527 NEG 531

Loves and hugs from family and friends.

NEG 555 NEG 608

After the ceremony it was time for some photos.

NEG 628 NEG 624 NEG 618 NEG 343

A crazy golf cart ride and a short walk to a neighboring dock (the neighbors won’t mind).

NEG 663 NEG 649

Then it was off to the party.

NEG 382 NEG 694 NEG 734 NEG 740 NEG 791 NEG 813 NEG 799 NEG 823 NEG 928 NEG 978lowres

Bye, Bye for now….

Mary ~ Red Ribbon Photography

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