Katie & Jeff ~ Country Chic



July finally arrived and they couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day to exchange vows.  Katie and Jeff’s wedding theme of country chic was a fantastic choice matched with the venue McC Ranch in Loveland, CO.Neg _0054 Jeff and Katie Wedding-128 Neg _0218


They both put great love and care into every tiny detail.

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As the time drew near everyone was having a hard time containing their excitement.

Neg _0230Neg _0233

The Bride’s step-father officiated the lovely scenic nuptials.  One of the two most unique aspects of this ceremony was the time-capsule that they placed special items (wine, love notes, etc.) to open on their anniversary.

Jeff and Katie Wedding-215Jeff and Katie Wedding-219

Also it was a good thing I brought Kleenex because when it was time to exchange the rings Jeff turned to reach for it from the Best Man but they had other plans.  Starting from the last groomsman they each kissed the ring and passed it on to the Groom.  I loved this gesture!

Neg _0305 Neg _0306Neg _0307

On to the mason jar filled reception and the sound of laughter and dancing.

Neg 0858

Neg 0731

How did that get in there?!? 😉

Bye, Bye for now….

Mary ~ Red Ribbon Photography

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