Books and Wraps and Flash Drives ~ Oh My!

The new products we will be offering.  Yes we will still carry our other standard products (prints, albums, etc.).  We are adding more…. album choices, several new book options and now instead of your negatives on CD/DVD they are now on your personalized flash drive with Keepsake box that will work with all your technology not just your laptop or desktop computer.

Some of the new book/album choices will include…

Hard cover books ~          Coffee table style book with lightweight press pages.


Soft cover books ~            affordable book wrapped with a soft stock cover, great for any occasion and makes a wonderful gift.



Lay Flat Book ~                 similar to a flush mount album but more casual and affordable, works great for those laid-back sessions, and yes, when opened it lays flat.



Other Products ~

Print wraps, fine art acrylics, gallery wraps and many more!


These products are more contemporary and modern.  They give a very fresh feel and look to any space.

NO FRAMING NEEDED, that is another reason to love these.


My new FAVORITE product is the personalized flash drive!!!NO MORE CD/DVD’s (Internal WOOHOO & Happy Dance!)


Why am I so excited you ask….because most people don’t carry a computer in their back pocket but they do tend to carry their tablet, i Pad, Nook, Kindle, etc. with them.  Also with a lot of new computer systems not everyone gets a CD/DVD drive.  Now there are no worries, no matter what operating system or type of tech you have your images are easy to view, upload, download or take with you on the go or to show friends and family.


Bye, Bye for now….

Mary ~ Red Ribbon Photography

 PS – all images shown in the post are stock images.

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